Four Ways To Wear A Suede Bomber Jacket

Four Ways To Wear A Suede Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is versatile and timeless pieces that are pre-requisite in every men’s wardrobe. It can be styled in any season and in any occasion. If you look back at history, it was born out of military means, now it is worn by any age and gender and has been adapted as a part of pop culture. In this festive season, you can always look stellar and simple. Let’s checkout 4 ways you can wear them.

For Your Nine to Five Job

This outfit is mostly for people who work nine to five, there are people who want to look stylish but have to abide by a certain dress code. Worry not, the bomber jacket can be worn as a formal dress as well. If you have a black bomber jacket, wear it under a white shirt and pair it with a cotton pant or your official pant. You will look stylish yet professional in black leather belt and pair of a black leather shoe. You guys are ready to go for your nine to five.

To Impress Your Favorite One, Without Looking Like You Tried Too Hard

It is kind of laid back but something smart. Start with a pair of loafers, please wear ankle shocks in it. Some people might wear loafers without socks, up to you. But ladies want their man to look smart on their date. So, guys look clean with blue LVD jeans and finish it with a black bomber jacket with white chunky knit or black turtle neck. This would be perfect for the upcoming winter. This is a faultless combination and you would impress your date without looking like you tried too hard. It’s perfect when the weather starts to cool down a little bit. And yes, you can be a bit romantic by giving your bomber to her as its unisex jacket and ladies love to wear their other half clothes. Try this trick might work.

While Hanging Out With Friends

Going out with friends wanna look cool and minimal. How about trying a brown bomber with a meek and classic tee? You can pair it with cotton cream pant and a sneaker or converse.  Look great in every group picture.

Look innocent while visiting your relative

You can even look innocent and cleared with a bomber jacket. Dashain coming near and need to visit your relatives, don’t know what to wear, this bomber jacket is there to help you. Look simple and innocent in black bomber with a white t-shirt, can obviously pair it with a boot. Try it with black or blue dark washed jean and a white t-shirt. Relatives will never know who you really are.

The bomber jacket is for people of any age and can be worn in any places, be in your college, your workplace or even your happy hour. It’s unisex and you will look dapper on any occasion. You can shop the look from Naman Nepal. Naman is a clothing brand which designs and manufactures the clothes here in Nepal. The quality is the best and the price is affordable. For more cool fashion tips, do follow Naman Nepal – Aiming to provide the best quality apparel.

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