Naman aims to be a synonym of quality in producing a comprehensive range of Quality Apparels for both male and female. Step up your style by shopping our collection, and bring your inner personality with Naman.


Our mission is to be a key player in the market of #MadeInNepal apparels. To uplift the qualified makers who create the best of the best for our valuable customers. We are striving to create a brand that delivers and encompases the quality in Nepal made clothes such that the people also walk in pride wearing #Naman and will be #VocalForLocal


According to Theravada Buddhism Naman denotes the four immaterial components of one’s personality: feelings (vedana), ideations (sanna), mental formations(sankhara) and consciousness (vinnana). These subtle components conjoin with various physical qualities, such as size, shape, and weight, to form the individual person.

Naman takes aspiration of Theravada Buddhism and appreciates the makers who bring all the four components together to create top-notch products and aspires to grow as tall as the Himalayas of Nepal. Naman in general also means Namaste where the light within us honours the light within you.